e-Gurukul(Software For College & School Management)

Perfect eLogics Pvt. Ltd. has developed eGURUKUL software package based on the needs represented by some of the prestigious schools & colleges in India. This software is operational and in use at more than 12 institutes. This is Windows based and highly interactive due to Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Microsoft Technology. eGURUKUL application is a LAN based multi-user installation, for distribution of work, with single database (RDBMS) for storage of vast data. Data security is the key feature, with auto-backup facility. Application based robust security is through system administrator, with limited access based on function. The various functional areas are divided into modules for ease of operations. The System is divided into five major modules:

  1. Student
  2. Staff
  3. Library
  4. Stock
  5. Accounts
Student Module: It has sub-modules student information, subjects, fee structure and examination. This produces crucial information at its finger tips for institute management.

  1. Student Information:
    1. Stream
    2. Standard/Class
    3. Division
    4. Seats Allocation
    5. Periods Defined
    6. Student Information
    7. Daily Timetable
    8. Daily Attendance
    9. Division Transfer
    10. Sibling/Relative Information
    11. School Leaving Certificate
  2. Subjects:
    1. Subjects Introduction
    2. Standard wise Subject
    3. Marks Allotment
    4. Subject wise Teacher
  3. Fee Structure:
    1. Fee Introduction
    2. Fee Frequency Effective Fee
    3. Collecting Fees
  4. Examination:
    1. Test Name
    2. Test wise Subject
    3. Preparing Question Paper
    4. Test Paper Evaluation
  5. Staff Module: This module records the complete information of institute staff. It stores the vital information of staff. The staffs are classifieds in different categories, to extract meaningful information (MIS). Apart from keeping the personal information of staff, it stores the previous employment details also. The system provides option to store an employee’s bio-data. The following sub-modules are maintained:
    1. Staff Category
    2. Staff Subcategory
    3. Staff Details
    4. Daily Attendance
    5. Staff’s Relative/Student
  6. Library Management: The system has provision to maintain complete library database. It helps to manage efficiently the daily chorus of issuing and receiving of books. This module is further classified in to following sub modules:
    1. Book Category
    2. Book Subcategory
    3. Publisher Information
    4. Book Details/Name/Author
    5. Issue to Student/Staff
    6. Receive Back from Student/Staff
  7. Stock Management: This module manages the stock that is procured from the market. This stock could be for student, staff or for the school purpose. The system has purchase & distribution module integrated with accounts module. For managing this, it is broken down in to following modules:
    1. Item Category
    2. Item Subcategory
    3. Item Unit
    4. Item Master
    5. Goods Inward
    6. Goods Outward
  8. Accounts Management: The integration of the institute management with accounts section makes it complete package. The collection of fees, deposit in bank or any transaction in terms of money is recoded in its different module. It facilitates the Account department to receive and print fee receipts for fee paid by Students. It provides various reports including monthly, quarterly, yearly fee receipt report and defaulters report. eGURUKUL also generates all the necessary reports required by accounts department. This module is divided in to following sub modules:
    1. Major Group
    2. Subgroup
    3. Account Master
    4. Daily Bank/Cash Transaction
    5. Journal Entries/Debit Note/Credit Note

Reports:To extract the information stored in the system, the report is produced in two different formats. The first format is to produce query based reports for filtering and producing the output on the screen only. The second format is detail report that is generated and printed in hard copy.

Search Engine:Easy to search via mutliple crieteria

Export Data:Reports and Master Data can be exported to other formats like Excel Sheet, Word Document or PDF file.

Multi School (optional):Provision to maintain data for more then one section of the School i.e. like primary section, secondary section. Separate data can be maintained for different setup and different location or within the same location. It has provision to manage multiple Group Schools.

Data Security:Very Robust Solution for Security of data, where administrator user can assign limited operational rights to end users depending upon function..

Designed for Windows 95/NT/2000:The system is designed for Windows as OS to enjoy the user friendly of GUI and MS Access/ MS SQL Server as back end to have a power of RDBMS.

System Requirement:

  1. PC with Pentium Class Processor
  2. Windows 95 or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later
  3. 128 MB RAM (recommended) & 30 MB HDD Space