e-Garments(Managing your Showroom)

Sales is made lot easier and user friendly by eGarment Software developed by Perfect eLogics Pvt. Ltd. It has many features, which you may not find anywhere else. We are at your service to demonstrate the features, whether you have a computer or not, our marketing representative will be able to explain you all great features in it. So why are you waiting? The features are as follows

  1. User friendly Software
  2. User defined Accounting Year, and provision to transfer stock at the end of year accounts
  3. Built in security feature to allow access to specified user for specific task
  4. Through this software, you will be able to handle the purchases, sales, stock details of your products
  5. Provision of printing of sale bill according to your preference
  6. Facility to incorporate Barcode and label printing into the software
  7. Sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors outstanding lists and payable
  8. At any moment you can check the stock availabilityItem Master is the central repository of items
  9. To efficiently maintain the stock, the system provides the option to categories it so that category wise, subcategory wise stock statement is generated The basic attribute of items viz colour, size etcare stored here Quantity and value opening of each item are input here
Party Master:
Here the name of party viz Supplier, User can enter opening balance and Get the ledger at the click of a button
  1. Purchase:Inward entry is created here Supplier’s Challan No, Bill No , Bill Date is entered here The details of item being procured , Quantity , Rate , VAT etc are entered Provision for item wise discount as well as lump sum discount is provided in the system Inward effect is automatically applies to stock ledger and party ledger
  2. Sale:System provides a smart way by which Sale Bill is created An item wise VAT /discount percent or lump sum discount option is provided Invoice printing with all parameters are provided Stock and Buyer Cledger is updated
  3. Purchase Return and Sale Return
  4. Stock Reports
  1. Purchase Register
    1. Item-Wise
    2. Supplier-wise
    3. Bill -wise
    4. Date-Wise
    5. Cost price-wise
    6. Sale price-wise
  1. Sales Register
    1. Item-Wise
    2. Supplier-wise
    3. Bill -wise
    4. Date-Wise
    5. Cost price-wise
    6. Sale price-wise
  1. Stock Register
    1. Item-Wise
    2. Supplier-wise
    3. Bill -wise
    4. Date-Wise
    5. Cost price-wise
    6. Sale price-wise
  1. Supplier Ledger
    1. Bill Wise
    2. Supplier-wise
  1. Buyer Ledger
    1. Invoice Wise
    2. Supplier-wise
  2. Buyer Outstanding
  3. Bill-Wise Outstanding
  4. Item Master
  1. Account Report
    1. Bank Book - Bank wise, from/ to date
    2. Cheque Entered On - Bank wise, flat wise,payment type wise
    3. Bank Reconciliation - Bank wise, summary or detail, period
    4. Cash Book - Define period
    5. Cash Flow - Define period
    6. Adjustment Report - Debit note, Credit note, Journal Voucher
    7. Sundry Creditors - As on date, unit no. wise,amount <,>,=
    8. General Ledger - Summary/detail, party wise, account head wise, from period /to period
    9. Profit & Loss - As on date
    10. Trial Balance - As on date, summary, standard, executive
    11. Balance Sheet - As on Date
MIS -Expense Analysis:
  1. Sales Analysis :- Categorywise, Sub-Categorywise, Itemwise
  2. Business Analysis
System Requirement:

  1. PC with Pentium Class Processor
  2. Windows 95 or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later
  3. 64 MB RAM (recommended) & 30 MB HDD Space
  4. 30 MB Hard Disk Space
What we provide:

  1. Installation and training at your place
  2. Free warranty support for 1 month from date of installation
  3. Telephonic and Internet email support