e-Hospital(Hospital Managment System)

eLogics Infotech's eHospital is a highly automated system for Patient Monitoring, Maintaining Patients Treatment History, Hospital Billing, Patient's Record, Complete Diagnostic Reports and Accounting with detailed reports generated about the patients, fees collection and accounts. eHospital will streamline the management of your hospital in such a way that through improved management you will see the efficiency and profitability of your hospital grow:

eHospital has got powerful features to take care of all requirements of a large/medium hospitals and serves as a complete Management Information system (MIS). The design of eHospital is modular. The data from various modules flows in Accounts module and all your final reports are produced at a touch of a button. eHospital has following modules for complete business information management:

  1. Configuration
  2. Module
  3. Patients
  4. Monitoring
  5. Medicine
  6. Accounts
  7. Diagnostic Reports Module
Configuration Module:In this module user can define detailed information about the various departments, tariffs, category of your patient rooms/ beds, service provider's details and administrative as well as other staff. This module is further classified in the following sub modules:
  1. Department/Service Master
  2. Ward Definition
  3. Major Service Providers
  4. Staff Details
Patients Monitoring:In this module user can define detailed information about the patients' periodical visits to the hospital, treatment given to them, admission in the hospital & related tariffs are updated for the administration section. This module is further classified in the following sub modules
  1. Patient Registration
  2. Patient Routine Visits
  3. Patient Admission
  4. Patient Bed Shifting
  5. Patient Discharge
  6. Patient Administration
  7. Patient Billing
  8. Receipt
Medicine:In this module user can maintain all the details of medicine available along with inventory. This module is further classified in the following sub modules
  1. Product Type
  2. Unit Master
  3. Product Master
  4. Company Master
  5. Purchase
  6. Sale
  7. Purchase Return
  8. Sale Return
  9. Wastage
Account Management:The integration of the Hospital management with accounts section make it complete package. The Receipts from the patients, Payment to the suppliers and daily transaction are recoded in its different module. It facilitates the Account department to receive and print bills. eHospital also generates all the necessary reports required by accounts department. The complete flexibility is provided for auditing of the accounts. There are no shackles put forth in the editing of all or deleting of any transactions. Even the whole ledger can be reconstructed after correcting and deleting any errors made in the transactions / bills / vouchers. This module is divided in the following sub modules:
  1. Major Group
  2. Subgroup
  3. Account Master
  4. Daily Bank/Cash Transaction
  5. Journal Entries/Debit Note/Credit Note
Diagnostic Reports Module:User can setup parameters for various types of diagnostic. In this module user can define main group, sub group and particulars for the different diagnostic. eHospital also includes some pre defined report for diagnostic purpose. Following are the predefine reports generated by eHospital

  1. Ultra Sono-graphy Report
  2. X-Ray Report
  3. Bacteriology Report
  4. Histopathology Report
Reports:Numerous reports are available for viewing and printing where you can keep an eye on the vital indicators about hospital management. The various reports include Patients Register, Treatment Record, Current Patients List, Patient's treatment history, Fees collection Register and various reports about your accounts including Ledger, Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal, Working and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Auditing of accounts is very easy. From Ledger, Cash Book, Trial Balance you can view right upto the voucher or bill which has made the entry in the ledger by pressing a single key.

Search Engine:eHospital has a Very Simple inbuilt search engine where user can search any record with any criteria.

Export Data:Reports and Master Data can be exported to other formats like Excel Sheet, Word Document or PDF file.

Data Security:: eHospital has a Very Simple Solution for Security of data, where administrator user can assign any kind of operational rights to end users.

Designed for Windows 9x/NT::The system is designed for windows as OS to enjoy the user friendliness of GUI and MS Access/ MS SQL Server as back end to have a power of RDBMS.

Easy to Use::Anybody with a basic knowledge of accounting and computing skills can work. You need not even be an accountant. The software completely eliminates all the paperwork and maintenance of huge books and registers. The software is very graphical and user-friendly. Even a novice can work on the software with initial assistance. eHospital is equipped with multiple document interface (MDI). Using this feature you can simultaneously view any number of reports at a time.

System Requirement:

  1. PC with Pentium Class Processor
  2. Windows 9x or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later
  3. 32 MB RAM (recommended) & 30 MB HDD Space