e-Tours(Manage Tours & Travels)

Business is made a lot easier and user friendly by eTours Software developed by Perfect eLogics Pvt. Ltd. It has many features, which you may not find anywhere else. We are at your service to demonstrate the features, whether you have a computer or not, our marketing representative will be able to explain you all great features in it. So why are you waiting? The features are

Software Features:

  1. Enquiry Form: Through this form, the user can enter customer details and follow-up details as to when to call and in which tour they are interested in, as well as the tour cost discussed with them The main benefit is that any person contacting the customer can get all the information of that client as well as the tour details
  2. Quotation & Invoice: Users can prepare the quotation as well as invoice at the click of a button There is a provision for storing the terms and conditions in master section, so that user does not require to fill in the details again and again
  3. Itinerary:Users can maintain the tour itinerary through this form, such as the HOTEL- BOOKING, ENROUTE FOOD, BUS BOOKING, RLY BOOKING, Flight-Booking details etc
  4. Tour Costing:Users can estimate the tour costing before and after the tour In this way they can make the plan for future tours accordingly
  5. Receipt & Payment:Users can enter the receipts and payments through this formAll the receipts of the tours or income generated through other means can be stored in this form
  6. Similarly, the expenses incurred for/during the tour can be maintained through the payment formThus you can get the party-wise/bill-wise outstanding and tour expense details
Business Reports:

  1. Quotation
    1. Quotation Print
    2. Periodical Quotation Register
  2. Invoice
    1. Invoice Print
    2. Periodical Invoice Register
  3. Tour Itinerary
    1. Tour Itinerary Print
    2. Periodical Itinerary Register
  4. Sales Report
    1. Source
    2. Wise Sales
    3. Party
    4. Wise Sales
    5. Executive
    6. Wise Sales
    7. Package
    8. Wise Sales
  5. Hotel
    1. Booking
    2. Hotel List
    3. Hotel Booking Register
  6. Travel
    1. Agent
    2. Travel Agents List
  7. MIS
    1. Expense Analysis
    2. Sales Analysis
    3. Marketing Source
    4. Wise,
    5. Monthly Analysis
    6. Quarterly Analysis
    7. Package
    8. Wise Analysis
    9. Executive
    10. Wise Analysis
    11. Business Analysis
Account Report:

  1. Bank Book - Bank wise, from/ to date
  2. Cheque Entered On - Bank wise, flat wise,payment type wise
  3. Bank Reconciliation - Bank wise, summary or detail, period
  4. Cash Book - Define period
  5. Cash Flow - Define period
  6. Adjustment Report - Debit note, Credit note, Journal Voucher
  7. Sundry Debtors - As on date, unit no. wise, amount <,>,=
  8. Sundry Creditors - As on date, unit no. wise, amount <,>,=
  9. General Ledger - Summary/detail, party wise, account head wise, from period /to period
  10. Profit & Loss - As on date
  11. Trial Balance - As on date, summary, standard, executive
  12. Balance Sheet - As on Date
What we provide:

  1. Installation and training at your place
  2. Free warranty support for 1 year from date of installation
  3. Round the clock telephonic and Internet email support
  4. Free upgrade for one year
  5. If required we supply hardware quotations from our franchise
  6. And our client centric service with a smile
Computer Requirement:

  1. PC with Pentium Class Processor
  2. Windows 98 or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later
  3. 32 MB RAM (recommended) & 30 MB HDD Space