e-Madira(Manage Organisation Payroll with absolute Comfort)

Managing your Organisational Payroll is a daunting task, this is made lot easier and user friendly by ePayroll Software developed by Perfect eLogics Pvt. Ltd. It has many features, which you may not find anywhere else. We are at your service to demonstrate the features, whether you have a computer or not, our marketing representative will be able to explain you all great features in it. So why are you waiting? Major Modules


  1. Company Information
  2. Company Identity
  3. Setup Parameters
  4. Calendar
  5. Shift Master
  6. General List
  7. Department
  8. Grade
  9. Designation
  10. Income
  11. Leave
  12. Deduction
  13. Loan
  14. Type
  15. Reason
  16. Employee Identity
  17. Employee Master
  18. Empoyee Leave Chart
  19. Deduction Definition
  20. Professional Tax
  21. ESIC
  22. EPF
  23. MLWF

  1. Monthly Attendance
  2. Monthly Salary
  3. Loan To Employee
  4. Loan Return By Employee
  5. Advance To Employee
  6. Annual Bonus
  7. Schedule Assignment
  8. Employee Left Details
  9. Employee Final Settlement
The prominent features are:

  1. User friendly definition of Organisation parameters, provision to define multiple companies and there branches
  2. Yearly calendar & holiday definition
  3. New Employee joining & employee code generation
  4. Integrated Attendance recording, interface with swipe card reader
  5. Shift working definition
  6. Salary processing Employee-wise or Grade-wise
  7. Provision for arrears calculation
  8. User definable Department, Grade, Designation, Earnings head, Deduction head, & Leave Master
  9. Maintains Employee’s complete details with Photographs too
  10. Dynamic Investment Declarations and Income tax calculation to evenly spread IT deduction over financial year
  11. Tracking of Loan and Advances to employee
  12. Monthly deduction of Loan & Advances EMI
  13. Summary sheet preparation for IT deduction at source
  14. Employee-wise form 16 generation
  15. Leave record maintenance
  16. Employee-wise schedule preparation
  17. Bonus calculation and adjustment of Loan/Advance recovery against bonus
  18. Preparation of Bank statement for salary transfer
  19. Over Time calculation and payment
List of Reports:
  1. Employee Master As on date
  2. Salary slip printout Various formats
  3. Salary register,. employee-wise earnings & deductions
  4. Loan Register Employee-wise
  5. Advances Register Employee-wise
  6. Investment declaration form Employee-wise
  7. Leave Record register Employee-wise
  8. EPF/FPF Register Employee-wise
  9. EPF/FPF statements Employee-wise
  10. EPF/FPF payment statement consolidated
  11. ESIC Register Employee-wise
  1. Bonus Register Employee-wise
  2. Form 16 Employee-wise
  3. IT Deduction summary sheet consolidated
  4. Salary transfer Bank Statement consolidated
  5. Salary transfer Bank Statement consolidated
  6. New Joining report
  7. Attendance register Employee-wise
  8. MLWF register Employee-wise
  9. Bonus register Employee-wise
  10. Arrears payment register Employee-wise
  11. Leave encashment register Employee-wise
  12. Increment register Employee-wise
MIS Reports:

  1. Departmentwise Outgoing
  2. Incentivewise Outgoing
  3. Standard Deduction
What we provide:

  1. Installation and training at your place
  2. Free warranty support for 1 year from date of installation
  3. Round the clock telephonic and Internet email support
  4. Free upgrade for one year
  5. If required we supply hardware quotations from our franchise
  6. And our client centric service with a smile
Computer Requirement:

  1. PC with Pentium Class Processor
  2. Windows 98 or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later
  3. 32 MB RAM (recommended) & 30 MB HDD Space