e-Madira(Manage Wine Shop Transactions with absolute Comfort)

Managing your Wine Shop transactions made lot easier and user friendly by eMadira Software developed by Perfect eLogics Pvt. Ltd. It has many features, which you may not find anywhere else. We are at your service to demonstrate the features, whether you have a computer or not, our marketing representative will be able to explain you all great features in it. So why are you waiting? The features are

  1. Date-wise generation of FLR-3A Form, print on preprinted stationary of Excise department
  2. Date-wise generation of FLR-5 Form, print on preprinted stationary of Excise department
  3. At the end of Month generate FLR-4 Form for submitting return to Excise department
  4. At the end of the day generate automatically Bottle Allotment Vouchers to Permit Holders
  5. Built in intelligence to generate allotment vouchers, you feed permit holders list in the system, and define rules for Bottle Allotment
  6. Comparative business analysis, like purchase & sales analysis, fast & slow moving stock, stock valuation, stock trend analysis, summaries trading account, bottle breakage analysis
  7. User defined Accounting Year, and provision to transfer end of year accounts
  8. Also provision to go back in previous year to add, modify
  9. Built in security feature to allow access to specified user for specific task
  10. User definable grouping of Account Groups & Subgroups, which streamlines account reports up to Balance Sheet
  11. Accounts group & subgroup wise filtered reports help to monitor fund management
  12. Statutory report formats are approved by renowned CA’s and practitioners
List of Stock & MIS reports:

  1. Purchase Document - date wise, party wise
  2. Purchase Register - date wise, party wise
  3. Sales Document - date wise
  4. Sales Register - date wise
  5. Stock Ledger - date wise, item category, sub category, name, short name, volume, unit.
  6. Stock Statement - date wise, item category, sub category, name, short name, volume, unit.
  7. Form FLR 3A - transaction date wise
  8. Form FLR 4 - month wise
  9. Form FLR 5 - transaction date wise
  10. Permit Holder List - as on date
  11. Creditor Analysis - account name wise
  12. Purchase Analysis - category wise
  13. Expenses Analysis - account name wise
  14. Profit Analysis - category wise
  15. Sales Analysis - category wise
  16. Item Consumption Analysis - category wise
  17. Fast Moving Stock - % of bottles, within days, category, sub-category wise
  18. Slow Moving Stock - how many days old, category, sub-category
  19. Stock Valuation - Category. Sub-category wise
  20. Purchase & Sales Analysis - category wise
  21. Stock Trend Analysis - within last so many months, category wise
  22. Comparative Stock Sales Analysis - Category wise
  23. Summaries Trading Account - as compared to previous year
  24. Breakage Analysis - as compared to previous year
System Requirement:

  1. PC with Pentium Class Processor
  2. Windows 98 or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later
  3. 32 MB RAM (recommended) & 30 MB HDD Space