e-Society (Co-Operative Housing Society Management System)

eLogics Infotech's e-Society is a highly interactive Co-operative Housing Society Accounting Software. It provides one-step solutions for Co-operative Housing Society to keep updated details about the Members residing at society. It takes care Members details of Owners & Tenant. Complete Tariff Structure can be maintained and customized according to any Society based on Flat Wise, Building Wise, Wing Wise, Area Wise or Member Wise. eSociety also includes a Module to automate the accounting of a society.

The System is divided into following major modules:

  1. Society
  2. Building
  3. Staff
  4. Accounts
Society: To manage the Society module and to produce crucial information at its finger tips this very module is further broken down into following sub-modules:
  1. Society Identification & Registration Details
  2. Society Parameters for Billing & Accounts
  3. Tariff Structure as per parameters of billing
  4. Resolution Passed in society
  5. Contractor Details
  6. Society's Executive Members Details
Building: To manage the Building module and to produce crucial information at its finger tips this very module is further broken down into following sub-modules:
  1. Building Identity
  2. Wing Identity
  3. Flat Identity
  4. Owner/Member Identification
  5. Tenant Details
  6. Garage/Parking Details
Staff Module: This module provides the complete information of a staff in the society. It stores the various vital information of an employee. To fulfill the needs, the staffs are classifieds in different categories. Apart from keeping the personal information of an employee, it stores the previous employment details. The system provides option to store an employee's bio-data. The following sub-modules are maintained:
  1. Staff Category
  2. Staff Subcategory
  3. Staff Details
Accounts Management: The integration of the Society management with accounts section make it complete package. The collection of Bills, deposit in bank or any transaction in terms of money is recoded in its different module. It facilitates the Account department to receive and print bill receipts for bill paid by Members and provides various reports included monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, yearly bill receipt report and even defaulters. eSociety also generates all the necessary reports required by accounts department. This module is divided in the following sub modules:
  1. Account Major Group (Balance Sheet Heads)
  2. Subgroup (Income & Expense Heads)
  3. Account Master
  4. Daily Bank/Cash Transaction
  5. Journal Entries/Debit Note/Credit Note
Reports:To extract the information stored in the system, the report is produced in two different formats. The very first part is made for reporting and filtering and producing the output on the screen only. The second part is detail report that is generated and printed.

Search Engine:eSociety has a Very Simple inbuilt search engine where user can search any record with any criteria.

Export Data: Reports and Master Data can be exported to other formats like Excel Sheet, Word Document or PDF file.

Multi Society: eSociety can be made used for more then one Society i.e. separate data can be maintained for your different setup and different location or within the same location. Can also take care of any number of Group Society.

Data Security: eSociety has a Very Simple Solution for Security of data, where administrator user can assign any kind of operational rights to end users.

Designed for Windows 95/NT: The system is designed for windows as OS to enjoy the user friendliness of GUI and MS Access/ MS SQL Server as back end to have a power of RDBMS.

System Requirements
  1. PC with Pentium Class Processor.
  2. Windows 95 or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later.
  3. 32 MB RAM (recommended).
  4. 30 MB Hard Disk Space